Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will the tool keep working if I close my browser?
Yes, once you have added the videos you want to transfer you can close the tab or browser and the tool will keep working until the job is done. You can always check its progress by simply open it up again.
How much does it costs?
The pricing is very straight forward. You only pay for what you use:
0.02 € per GB storage used per month (based on the average usage that month)
0.10 € per GB network traffic (only outwards traffic is counted)
0.01 € per minute of video rendering (adding a chat overlay on Youtube exports)

Example 1 :
An 8 hour stream at 6000 bitrate consumes around 2.7 GB per hour so 21.6 GB in total. 21.6 GB would then be 0.43 € in storage fees per month.

Example 2 :
You export the 8 hour stream from above to Youtube and add the recorded chat as overlay. 8 hours = 480 minutes, this means 480 minutes * 0.01 € = 4.80 €. As for network traffic it's 21.6 GB * 0.10 € = 2.16 €.
In total this would mean 4.80 € + 2.16 € = 6.96 €.
What kind of content can I backup?
You can backup any video content from Twitch
  • Vods (Past broadcasts, highlights and uploads)
  • Clips
When backing up VODs the backup will also include the stored chat on that VOD.

You can also upload any local files you want to backup.
Do I have to pay for the traffic of clips which I have set public?
No. Network traffic generated from other users viewing your public clips doesn't get billed.
How long does a Youtube export take?
If no chat overlay is added it's pretty fast and should only take a few minutes.
If a chat overlay should be added, the chat overlay has to be rendered and then combined with the recorded video. With that and then uploading to Youtube it can take about the duration of the video itself.